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Corvettes Conquer Cancer Fundraiser
Gate City Corvette Club

Nashua Airport, Nashua, NH
Saturday, August 7, 2004

What a great evening! Good weather, great people, great food, great band and great entertainment.
And greatest of all:

$5265.50 for the American Cancer Society!

Thank you Gate City Corvette Club!

The start from home. 

Miscellaneous sights in and out of the hangar at Boire Field, the Nashua, NH airport.

Feed them and they will come...

Now those are some party decorations!

(See below for more involving the jet in the photo)

Illusionist Kevin Shea was terrific

These are the primary two people who made this great event happen:
Paula Beauregard (L) and Carol Whittier (R).
I'm sure Paula hates me for using this photo, but it's
the only one I could find of both of them together.

Back home after cleanup on Sunday.

More on the jet:

One of the fundraising highlights of the evening was an auction for a ride in that jet.
Thanks to the generosity of Steve and Karen Morgan, Freddy DiBartolomeo (left below)
got his ride. Also seen in the other photos are Freddy's lady friend, Yuki Asaka
and his brother, Gary, a retired Colonel in the US Air Force.

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