Sloan Convention Center
Bowling Green, KY
July 19-21, 2012

Thanks to Joe & Vera Pruitt for hosting us again this year, and
supporting our doing a 50/50 raffle at the awards banquet.
As a result, Corvettes Conquer Cancer was able to send

to the American Cancer Society's office in Bowling Green!

Thursday, July 19

Departing Decatur, 4:58am


Views of the setup in the Sloan Convention Center...

...and the Vette out in front.

Friday, July 20

Sights in the hall for the Sans Pareil judging.

Saturday, July 21

Remembering the Aurora, CO Batman shootings...

Judging underway...

The lot was full for the "Drive & Shine" show.

Lou and Marcia Moses joined the many who signed the underside of the hood for their donation to the American Cancer Society!

Saturday evening banquet and party

(Photo thanks to NCH website)

We wrapped up selling the 50/50 tickets, then after the great steak dinner,
and a last call for ticket sales, we interrupted the super "Blue Light Special"
band long enough to draw the winner.

The pot had grown to $584.00; $292 each for the winner and ACS.

The winner gave his share back!

But wait, there's more...

About a half hour later he took me aside and gave me
a check to the American Cancer Society for an additional
$500.00, in memory of his late wife!

That brought the total for ACS for the evening to $1084.00,
and with the additional $25 for the hood signature,

the total for the event came to $1109.00!

Thank you all who helped make this possible, especially Joe & Vera!

Sunday, July 22

I did a quick walk through of the National Corvette Museum before
leaving Bowling Green. Here are a few of the sights.

Roy Orbison's last (of many) Corvettes!

The old Maine "Lobster" plate off the Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5
graces the "Corvette Lifestyle" section.

Our C6 on the "Tail of the Dragon":  table-top in the Corvette Café.

Sandy's Brick

Back in Sweet Home Alabama