National Corvette Museum
16th Anniversary and Hall of Fame Induction

September 2-4, 2010
Bowling Green, KY

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Departing Decatur.

There it is, from I-65.

All set up, in my favorite location: right inside the front entrance to the Museum,
between the door and the turntable! From here I can see most of what's happening,
both in the lobby and out front. And be seen...

And there it is: the Cunningham Le Mans-winning 1960 (that I would be getting
a ride in tomorrow), along with the 1-off 2011 that commemorates its victory.

Friday, September 3

Ride time!

Fellow member of my Corvette Club, Henry Younger, gets his ride first.
And gives a thumbs up!

My turn - click image to see THE VIDEO!

My Ride.jpg

The official photos.

The certificate.

What a treat!

The view from back at my table.

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

NCM Board Chairman, Buzz Marston, and Designer Randy Whittine induct Fred Gallasch.
Sandy & I met Fred on our first year on the road, 1998.

Saturday, September 4

I just love this silver ZR1, with the gray wheels!

Checking on Sandy's Brick...

Sunday, September 5

The Nashville skyline on the way home.

Final stats. I love the fact that the NCM is now a tank of gas, round trip, from home!


While in Bowling Green I noticed that my master cylinder reservoir was completely
stress cracked. See fine cracking in white plastic. No sign of leaking, but a little
disturbing. No, I had used no cleaning chemicals on the engine compartment!

I showed this to Corvette Plant engineer Eric Millette, and sent the info to Art Spong.
Art arranged for my local dealer to replace it for "customer good will" at no charge.
Since then I've checked every C5 & C6 I see with the hood open and have identified
3 others showing the same condition, 2 C6s and 1 C5. I guess it's not a major issue.

I'm guessing that it is caused by UV light from showing the car with the hood up.