20th Anniversary Celebration,
Hall of Fame Induction
and Motorsports Park Grand Opening

National Corvette Museum; Bowling Green, KY
August 28-30, 2014

This was a VERY busy event! Because there were so many activities that I wanted to participate in, I decided not set up my usual display in the lobby. I wouldn't be able to do it justice.

Thursday, August 28

0500 Lift-off from Decatur

Secure reserved parking spot.

One of the many boulders that fell into the sinkhole that opened up inside the Skydome of the Museum on February 12,
swallowing 8 of the displayed Corvettes. This one landed on top of Kevin Helmintoler's 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06.

This was the result, barely recognizable as ever having been a car! I don't think that'll buff out.

NCM Motorsports Park Grand Opening

Not the kind of "horsepower" you expected to see?

    Now this is more like it! (More later)

Back @ NCM

Joe Spielman's very entertaining History of the Corvette seminar.

Thursday Evening
Lifetime/VIP Dinner

As the dinner was winding down, Joe Spielman took the microphone on the stage. Nothing unusual there.

What happened next was certainly unexpected: He called his lady companion to come join him on stage, and she did, looking somewhat confused. He then dropped on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage! She said YES!

Friday, August 29

At the Motorsports Park we got to see (and HEAR) C7-R #4 run fast laps, from close range!

Jordan & Ricky Taylor and Tommy Milner were taking turns.

There were a LOT of enthusiastic supporters there, including the Roaming Gnome.

Back @ NCM

NCM  Founder's Roundtable

Founders discuss how the NCM concept formed and how the museum got built.
(L-R) Ray Battaglini, Terry McManmon, John Brookmeyer and Karen Blandini (Dan Gale's widow).

My requisite check on Sandy's Brick.

The stunning 2015 Z06!

Friday Evening
Hall of Fame Banquet

Dave McDonald: Alan & Don Barker (HOF 2008 inductees) with Dave's widow, Sherry.

John Heinricy: Presented by Dave McLellan (HOF 1999)

Jerry Burton: Presented by Werner Meier (HOF 2013)

Saturday, August 30

Michael Brown (Producer of "The Quest") posed with a gorgeous Karl Kustoms Sting Ray replica.

Interesting seminars I was able to attend

Jerry Burton, HOF 2014.

John Heinricy, HOF 2014.

Peter Earl, grandson of Harley Earl.

That wrapped up this great event! Time to head home.

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