National Corvette Museum

24th Anniversary and Hall of Fame 
Bowling Green, KY
August 30 - September 1, 2018

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Because the Hall of Fame event has so many interesting activities, I forgo the usual display setup.

Thursday, August 30

The usual crack o'dawn departure from Decatur AL

to hopefully avoid Nashville traffic


Bowling Green KY

After checking in at the Museum, I went over to the NCM Motorsports Park for the opportunity to do some "Touring Laps." Groups of 4 cars would get 4 laps per session behind a Camaro pace car. You could do as many sessions as you wished between 9 am & 4 pm today only. "An average of highway speeds is the norm" says the information sheet. Really? NOT!!!

I was at the back of our group, and it was all I could do to keep up with the pack! This was hammer down from the get go; I was driving far harder than I EVER HAVE just to catch up and keep up after falling back at first! The car and the Michelins performed admirably. I never slid off the track, but the tightest turns got a little twitchy at times. After our 4 laps of the 3 mile track, I'd had my fill. I didn't feel comfortable with abusing this poor car with 282 thousand miles on it any further, so I returned to the Museum. This all happened so quickly that I never got a single photo, and much to my dismay, the video from the dashcam that was running during

the laps was unplayable in any format that I could come up with. {:-(

Open Membership Meeting

Q&A session with the Board of Directors.

Past and present Hall of Fame Introductions


Thursday evening: Lifetime Member / Hall of Fame Inductees Dinner


Friday, August 31

Some sights around the museum

New Hall of Fame inductees


A pair of Greenwood cars


"Corvette Racing Through The Years" seminar

Friday Evening: Hall of Fame Induction Banquet.

(Sorry, no worthwhile photos)

Saturday, September 1

Some bricks and benches worth noting in a brief walkaround.


Vettes of Coastal Maine:

our first Corvette club - founding members, 1977

Vets With Vettes: my present Corvette club: 2009-....


10/15/20/25 Year Member Recognition

The 25 Year Group

My 20 Year Certificate

20 year certificate.jpg

Time to head home. No pack-up needed.

Brentwood TN


Back in Sweet Home Alabama