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Sun'n'Fun; Lakeland, FL

It was really great to be back at Sun'n'Fun for the Winter Meet this year! Last year, although I came down, I never even set up. I just wasn't physically up to the task (5 months after prostate surgery) and headed for home the first morning.

This year I felt much better, although not yet back to where I would like to be. The weather was great, with only a brief shower Friday afternoon.

A huge THANK YOU to Ed Augustine and Tyler Townsley of NCRS-FL for hosting us again.

They made it possible for us to raise $1011.50 for the American Cancer Society's Lakeland FL office!

Three others were largely responsible for that fundraising effort: Ruth Primeau, Steve Torp, and an amazing young man named Steven Lowery. More on them below.

Wednesday, January 11

On the road again... Departing Decatur AL. 5:22 am


Arrival @ Sun'n'Fun


Thursday, January 12

The setup begins, and the end result.


During the afternoon this young man stopped by the table to check out what we were doing. During our extended conversation it came out that I hadn't finished cleaning up the car after 400 miles in rain getting to this meet. In a flash he volunteered to do what was left - the wheels, door jams and the engine compartment! Saved me from getting down on my knees... and ultimately from having to get back up again! 

THANK YOU, Steven!


Friday, January 13

It was great to see former Corvette Chief Engineer, Dave McLellan, and his soon-to-be new wife, Joanna!


Steven again: When he finished cleaning my car yesterday, Ruth Primeau was talking with me about how to do our usual 50/50 to benefit the American Cancer Society. He was immediately fascinated and wanted to help! Today he spent the ENTIRE DAY walking the entire facility selling tickets, plus half the day on Saturday! Here he is selling the tickets and counting the results. He took in $530 in ticket sales, but was bummed out because he was shooting for $1000!

He's 13! With his work ethic and enthusiasm he'll go places in life!


A shower Friday afternoon forced us to  drop the tent down for awhile.
This incredibly detailed mini 56 owned by a friend got partial cover under a corner.


Saturday, January 14

For his help I got Steven to sign the engine. There he is, right above Ron Fellows.


Then Jim Maheu appeared at the booth. In a previous life, Jim & I had worked together at the State of Maine IT department. He had supported Corvettes Conquer Cancer back then, and gave me a generous contribution, so he too got to sign the engine. Thanks Jim, it was great to see you again!


Another pleasant surprise was this visit by David Borden - he & his wife had helped buy this car for me in 2006! Thank You!


3:00 pm - All packed up and ready for the evening awards banquet, where we will draw the winner of the 50/50.


Saturday Evening Awards Banquet

Ruth & I had finished selling the tickets, money is counted, ready to draw the winner. Pot grew to $1323. Steve Torp had the winning ticket. He immediately offered to donate half of his $661.50 share back to the cause. He wrote a check to the American Cancer Society for $350. End result: The ACS Lakeland FL office gets $1011.50. (I always send the proceeds to the office that serves the area where the event is held)

Thank you Ruth and Steve!
Steven - your goal of $1000 was reached after all!

Sunday, January 15

All packed up and ready to head South for an overnight visit with Sandy's sister, Peg, and her husband, Bill in Ft. Myers. 
(That was my room - it's always nice to be able to see my car from the room!)


Sorry, unbelievably I got no photos during the really fun visit.

Monday, January 16

Back onto the Northbound road again.


A couple of minor milestones on the way home.

East of Tallahassee FL


In Montgomery AL


Back in Sweet Home Alabama...


I think somebody is glad to see me! ("Cutie" is 20!)

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