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NCRS National Convention
Hershey, PA
July 13-17, 2003

Sunday, July 13

Leaving my parents' home in Philadelphia for the 92 mile trip to Hershey. I took the
opportunity to spend some time with them, so I made the daily commute. They are 94
and 86, and still live in the same house they bought in 1942 when I was 3 months old!

Along the way: Typical Pennsylvania farm country.

The Caravan arrives at Hershey Lodge from Cumberland, MD overnight stop.

My "office" for the next 5 days.

Monday, July 14

Arrival at the Convention Center found lots of car covers.

The Flight Judging room through the doors behind my table is beginning to fill up.

The Franklin Mint table next to me was busy the entire week. They have offered
to donate one of their fabulous Corvette die-cast models for us to raffle at Carlisle.
Thank you, Dave Castellano!

The Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5 shared the front apron of the Convention Center
with Chip & Judy Miller's "Numbers Matching" pair, a 1953 and a 2003
Anniversary Edition, both with the same VIN: #181! 

Judging areas.

The 1953 Motorama Corvette: EX-122 was on display, now owned by
Kerbeck of Atlantic City. Click photo below for link to a series of
photos of the unique details of this car.

Outside, the transporter for EX-122.

Seen at one of the vendors down the hall from me:
this incredibly detailed diorama of a very busy Corvette Garage.

Thursday, 7/17

Time to head for home.

Farewell to the Hershey Lodge.

The nearby Hershey Park.

Back home in Maine.

The week in Hershey was good for us.

We were able to send the American Cancer Society office that serves
the Harrisburg/Hershey area a total of


THANK YOU to NCRS for this opportunity!

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