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Suburban Collection Showplace
Novi MI
July 18-22, 2011

This was strictly a pleasure trip! Well, we got some exposure out of it,  but we have not been permitted to set up a booth at NCRS Nationals since Hershey in 2003.

Monday, July 18

Departing Decatur to meet up with Michael Leeds and his mom, Joan, in Bowling Green for the trip to Novi.


The trip was uneventful until we neared Novi, where a nasty t-storm had caused a major power outage. With no traffic lights working at rush hour, it took an hour to go the last 7 miles.

Tuesday, July 19

A great, 3-stop bus trip to:

The Lingenfelter Collection near Brighton: click image to see some of the sights.


Pratt & Miller Engineering in New Hudson: the folks who build and operate the Corvette and Cadillac Race Teams. Sadly, no cameras allowed because of sensitive projects not only for GM but also for the US military. Not only a great tour of the fantastic operation but also a terrific lunch hosted by Robin & Gary Pratt! The first shot of the front entrance I actually took in 2008 - you can see my reflection in the door glass. Our bus picked us up in the back.



The GM Powertrain Performance Build Center in Wixom. This is where the ZR1 and Z06 (and dry-sump Grand Sport) engines are built. Again, no cameras. (These shots I took in 2008.) We first were treated to a surprisingly detailed presentation about engine development. Then we got a tour of the production area, where 1 person assembles the entire engine, then attaches a plate with his name on it to the finished engine.


Wednesday, July 20

Sights in and around the NCRS meet in the Suburban Showplace

My spot outside.


Some of the judging hall.


Kevin Mackay's spectacular display of a complete 1971 ZR2 rolling chassis.


The old race cars. Chip would have loved this sticker!


Dana Forrester's great banner for the event, reflecting the '61's 50th birthday. Oh look - there's Dana walking past it!


Thursday, July 21

A drive down to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn .

Click the image to see some of it.


Another bus trip - this time to the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights. This is where all those Autorama Concept Cars live, along with a lot of experimental cars that you never saw, plus samples of the most significant cars in GM's 102 year history. Serious sensory overload!

Click image to go to some of the sights.


Friday, July 22

Sorry, nothing to show - camera problem: 23 pics with "unknown file format".

Great seminar with retired Chief Engineers Dave McLellan & Dave Hill and current CE Tadge Juechter.

Awards banquet in the evening.

Saturday, July 23

Tour of the Milford Proving Ground!
Click image for pics.


The drive home - that's Michael Leeds & Mom behind me. Great traveling with you guys!


Back home again.

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