Petit Le Mans
Road Atlanta
Braselton, GA
October 17-20, 2012

The final race of the ALMS season!
(The outcome didn't really matter - Corvette had already locked up
both the Driver's and Manufacturers' Championships!)

Thursday, Oct. 18

Leaving Decatur.

Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter getting interviewed at a ZR1.

I have a bag-warmer at our hosts' house: Bobby & Connie Tow were once again
providing lodging for me, Jim & Charlie Robertson and Kirk & Debbie Bennion.

Friday, Oct. 19

A lot brighter today!

Our Parade Lap, as seen in the National Corvette Museum magazine, America's Sports Car.

Practice. No, they aren't the same photo, it's 2 different laps, but the 2 C6Rs are positioned exactly the same.

The line for the autograph session in the Corvette Corral tent.

Tadge talks about the soon to be revealed C7, saying very little about it other than that there were only 2, yes 2, parts carried over from the C6. They are the cabin air filter and the removable top latch, but the latch will have a different part # because it isn't the same color. He then showed us the very first of the new flag emblem to come out of the mould.

This is it. Sold at the Corral auction the next day for $2700!

Johnny O'Connell auctions a driving school package, with HIM as the instructor!

Ron Fellows auctioned his favorite helmet.

More items for Saturday's auction.

That evening:
Back at the Tows' house after a great Mexican dinner, Charlie shows Kirk and Debbie
through Bobby's fantastic Corvette and racing memorabilia collection.

Saturday, Oct. 20

6:27 am... and I wasn't even the first one there!

Another pic from America's Sports Car.

Tadge and Kirk team up for another talk about the C7.
Click image for video of the presentation... and right at the start: proof that I was really there {;-P


The race: 10 hours or 1000 miles, whichever comes first.
The Corvette team didn't win, but had already locked up the
Season Championships for both driver and manufacturer!

Sunday, Oct. 21

My furry buddy/bag warmer was there to see me off. Now home, to my own furbag.

Thanks again, Connie & Bobby, for your hospitality, even though you couldn't be there.
(Bobby was in the hospital, fighting a serious reaction to high blood pressure meds!)
The gray metal car is Kirk & Debbie's rental.

Back home.