The Plaza Hotel
Las Vegas NM
May 14, 2017

A walk around the halls. Classy furnishings everywhere!

View from one of the banquet rooms

Part of the gift shop

 Posted by the door of many of the rooms are photos and stories of famous people who have stayed in that room.
As you can see, they are mostly Hollywood stars.

A look around my room (NOT one of the above!)

My view at both dinner and breakfast in the main dining room

Monday morning

Another small world story: Remember those 2 fun British couples I met at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba MO back on Day 5? It seems they had also stayed in Las Vegas last night. As they were leaving town in the morning they noticed my car parked outside The Plaza, and spotted me sitting at that table (arrow) by the front window, eating this breakfast! I learned this when we crossed paths yet another time a few days later!