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Precision Valley Corvette Museum
Dave McLellan and Jerry Burton Book Signing
Springfield, VT
October 12, 2002

Friday, Oct. 11

start & finish.

This is where I stayed Friday & Saturday nights:
The Hartness House in Springfield.

Saturday, Oct. 12

In spite of the rain, the turnout was tremendous!

In addition to Dave McLellan and Jerry Burton, John Fitch was also there. I had the
great pleasure and honor of having dinner with him Friday night and breakfast
Saturday morning. We were across the hall from each other at the Hartness House.
What an incredible, classy guy!

Could this be a blackmail photo?
Dave & Glenda left in a Mini-Cooper!

Sunday, Oct. 13

It was raining much worse, so it was pretty quiet, although never deserted.
I was able to view some of the video I had shot on the Monterey trip.
On screen is the Monterey Historic Races.

Home again.

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