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Concours d'Elegance Show
Springfield, VT
Sunday, October 3, 2004

This was the last show of the year for PVCM,
and for once(!), the weather was PERFECT!

Saturday, Oct. 2

Leaving home...

VERY shiny trailer!

Very gloomy through NH, turning to rain in VT.
Not much color to the foliage yet!

Arrival @ PVCM...

... just in time for a great dinner at the attached 

After dinner, Museum Manager Roberto led me to the beautiful Ascutney Mountain Resort where they had booked a room for me.

Sunday, Oct. 3

An absolutely beautiful morning at the Ascutney, 

and a beautiful drive back to the Museum.

After washing off the grime from yesterday's rainy trip at the car wash across
the street, I set up my display in the show area out back, and parked the
Vette out front by the entrance. This was a mixed show, but the
Eastern Mass Corvette Club provided the bulk of the cars.

Despite the small turnout, we collected
for the American Cancer Society!

One of those fun "small world" incidents: This beautiful '64 came in around noon. When I went over to check it out, the lady looked at me kind of funny and hesitantly asked "Ben?" Looking at her more closely, I said "Boy, I know you from somewhere, don't I!" She was the kid sister of one of my best car nut/ drinkin' buddies from the 60s! I hadn't seen any of them since shortly after I got married in '67. Kim and her husband Gerry had lived in the Stowe VT area for 20-some years, and this was their first visit to the Museum. They had owned the '64 for a couple of years, and were aware of our Corvettes Conquer Cancer activities through the internet.

The final stats after a very pleasant drive back to Maine.

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