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2002 Monterey Trip Itinerary:

 Saturday, 8/3

Wiscasset, Maine to Philadelphia, PA to spend the night with my parents. Via Hartford CT, and Scranton, PA. (I refuse to drive through NJ!)


A couple years ago, I settled on a way to get to Philadelphia without having to go through NJ. Now I wish I could find a way to avoid MA! The Mass TP was stop & go. The 27 miles that should have taken 20 minutes took an hour and 5 minutes. To rub salt in the wounds, it was so hot that the tar they use to seal cracks was sticking to tires, lifting and throwing all over the place.

Earlier, on I-495, the MASP were having a bit of a fundraiser: the usual unmarked Crown Vics, but also a pewter Camaro. How's that for sneaky!

The visit with my folks was brief but pleasant. My 93 yo dad was, as usual, taking pics as I was getting ready to leave Sunday morning.
This one is pay-back!

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