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Skyline Drive Corvettes
Reading, PA.
July 12, 2003

This was a late addition to our schedule, thanks to an invitation from Ron Grove, President of Skyline Drive Corvettes. Sandy and I first became acquainted with Skyline Drive in the late '70s when we started going to the "Octobervettes" weekend in NH in our '63. Several members of SDC came up to that event for many years. A few also came to the "Oceanside" weekend we put on in Maine for many years. We went down to their 5th Anniversary weekend in the Poconos in 1989 (we got the "Longest Distance" award).

Since the show was held from 2-7pm on Saturday, and the NCRS National Convention started the next day in nearby Hershey, it was an easy decision to go. I was able to drive down from Maine on Saturday and get there promptly at 2:00.

It was great to catch up on what the old members we knew were doing. Unfortunately, only one, Dan Keppley, was there for the show.

As the show wrapped up, Ron told me that when they closed out the books on the show, they would be sending me a contribution. He said they usually did quite well financially, but I had no idea what to expect. I was utterly astounded when

Corvettes Conquer Cancer received a check from Skyline Drive Corvettes for $1000.00!

We, in turn, sent $1000.00 to
 American Cancer Society's Reading, PA office.

July 12

Starting out, at oh-dark-30.
Actually, now that I look at the photo, it's oh-dark-21!

Arrival at show site in Reading PA.

I'm not sure how many cars they had on the show, but there were hundreds.

They even had a couple of "Hooters Girls",
selling 50/50 tickets and awarding the trophies.


After the show wrapped up, I headed for my parents' house in Philadelphia,
about 60 miles east. I would be commuting from there to the
NCRS convention in Hershey for the next 5 days.

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