Museum #3 for my trip

One of the best I've ever seen!

Museum of Transportation
St. Louis MO
May 6, 2017

The entrance, with Raffle Row.

2 wildly different raffle opportunities!

The Entrance and Services Building

  The automobile collection 

The actual facia of one unit and sign, preserved when the motel was torn down. Love the Vette at the garage!

A 1963 Chrysler Turbine car, 1 of 55 built, but only 9 still exist. Jay Leno owns one.
I vividly remember seeing one driving on Church Rd in Glenside PA in 1963!

In the Chevrolet section

1923 Stanley Steamer

  1950 Studebaker at the drive-in

1941 Cadillac

The HUGE Railroad section

The trolley car really caught my eye...

...especially when I saw the route info - I very well could have ridden to school in that very car as a kid in Philadelphia!

This rail car also grabbed me: The corrugated stainless steel body told me that it was built by Budd in Philadelphia.
My Dad worked nearly his entire engineering career with the Budd Company Railway Division, starting in 1933.
He eventually became the Chief Engineer. This car was built in 1938, so he definitely had a hand in it.

That's some snowblower!

The museum even had a few airplanes off to the side.