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2002 Monterey Trip Itinerary:

Sunday, August 18

Pebble Beach "Concours d'Elegance"; Monterey, CA
The world's most prestigious car show!

What a way to end this trip of a lifetime!

So here's the drill: You park miles from Pebble Beach along the 17 Mile Drive. Every 3 or 4 minutes a bus comes by to take you to a trolley which takes you to "The Lodge". For free!
Well, the bus is free; spectator registration for the show is $100 pp.

Yes, "The Lodge".

First thing as you go in are some "Concept Cars". Most interesting were the Cadillac Cien, a 700 hp V12,
mid-engine coupe, and the yellow is the new Ford GT that I saw at Concorso Italiano on Friday.

9:00 and look at the crowd already. It doesn't open to "the public" until 10:30.

Judge in tails & top hat checks all controls, horn, wipers, etc.

Custom coachwork Cadillacs. Caddy was "Featured Marque" in recognition of its 100th Anniversary.

Family affair: they start young!

2 bizarre Ferraris!

Jay Leno, moments before I shook his hand.
I knew he would be here so I had been watching for him!

Tall guy in white hair & glasses to the right is Bob Lutz, former head of Chrysler and father of the Viper and Prowler, now VP of GM! I didn't even notice him at the time, I was just focused on Jay!

This was my personal favorite: Note tailgate party fixin's: shotgun, picnic basket with china depicting classic cars, wine cooler and Victrola, which was working, playing opera... with the owner, Peter Mullin, nearby to keep it cranked up, as in left photo! This is the only Hispano Suiza woody ever made!

Costumes were a show in themselves.

Hungry? Thirsty? Need gas? (Remember, the shuttle bus was free.. and this is 2002) 

Across the drive was the Blackhawk Collection, a VERY exclusive classic car boutique.

Desoto Adventurer II, Pierce Arrow.


Mercedes. You're asking HOW MUCH??? (and you thought the Bentley was bad!)

Nikita Kruschev's Chaika parade limo. If it looks like a 55 Packard, it pretty much is!
(Do you believe the graying dude in the snakeskin tights and the trophy chick?)

"Birdcage" Maserati, Delahaye.

Chairman Mao's Mercedes (with American flags?!)

Back across the drive for one last look around Pebble Beach before leaving.
The place is packed, as the award ceremonies are about to begin.
All these beautiful people paid $100 to get in here!

Reluctantly, I walked out to the entrance, a little bummed out because this incredible 10 day series of car events
was coming to an end. As I turned toward the designated area to catch the trolley, I spotted this car at the curb:

Cadillac XLR seen on the street out in front of the Pebble Beach Lodge:

This is the long anticipated, Corvette based, Caddy 2-seater.
It won't be available until the 2004 model year. Needless to say, it had Mfgr. plates.

This trolley took me to the bus, which got me back to the car.

Panorama from where I was parked.

Herd of deer on the golf course on the inland side. I haven't moved yet.

Oh well, it has been a fantastic experience. Time to start home.
Next Stop: the home of Sandy's sister, Mary Ann, and Deb Barrett in Oakland, CA.

This region is where our food comes from, for sure!

The bikers in CA go right down the lines, weaving through traffic. I'm told it is legal here.

We're almost there: it's Snake Rd. in Oakland.

I made it! Mary Ann and Deb took me out to a great Mexican restaurant for dinner, then it was crash time for an early start in the morning.

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