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2002 Monterey Trip Itinerary:

Tuesday, 8/13

Another day of the NCRS Show.  NCRS Awards Banquet at night.

Voted "Best Breakfast in Monterey County."
Those are old comic book covers decorating the walls.

Walking back from breakfast:

Well, they still haven't towed my car away!

My display for the day was the same as the past 2 days,
so no point in showing that again.

I did get a chance to see the cars that were displayed outside:

This was an interesting rig: driven from Florida with matching trailer.
One of only 5 of these "bubble tops" ever made by a long-forgotten entrepreneur.

This is the car that Dave McLellan sketched on the tablecloth Monday night:
It started life as the "Four-Rotor Corvette" and became the "Aerovette" after
the failure of the rotary engine project. It now sports a big block engine behind the seats.

After the NCRS show closed and I packed up, I watched these racers
setting up for a photo shoot. As they drove in and maneuvered into
position, the noise was fantastic! I videotaped most of it just
to capture the sound of these incredible cars, indoors.

Speaking of sounds, this Ferrari had some of the best ever! It was being unloaded
and positioned in the lobby prior to the MAJOR sports car auction taking place
this coming weekend in conjunction with the Monterey Historic Races. The sign
in the window indicated an anticipated selling price of $1,700,000 to $2,000,000!!!

The Awards Banquet

Corvette Chief Engineer and Vehicle Line Executive,
Dave Hill, gives keynote address.

Dave and Corvette Brand Manager, Rick Baldick, present Bill Nichols,
Corvette Powertrain Engineer, with his Duntov Award for his recently
completed '67 restoration. Congratulations Bill! Now, go drive it!
(p.s. Did he ever - he clipped on stone guards  and drove it
all around Monterey, and then drove it back to Michigan!)

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