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2002 Monterey Trip Itinerary:

Tuesday, 8/20

From Pocatello ID through Wyoming & Montana to Bismarck, ND for the night.

An unplanned major bonus: The route from Pocatello into Montana turned out

to be the road through Yellowstone Park! 16 miles off the route to get to

Old Faithful? That was a no-brainer!

So that's where those "amber waves of grain" go!

Bustling downtown Rigby, ID at 7:10 am

(It wasn't flashing!)

Yellowstone National Park

Commuter traffic.

Changing scenery as we approach Yellowstone National Park.

Stark evidence of the terrible fires a couple of years back!

First sightings of geyser activity.

Old Faithful

Taking these shots was a little tricky: trying to work both camcorder and
still camera at the same time. (Both are designed for right-hand operation! 

On the way out, heading North:

Stupid tourists w/kids: what, maybe 20 feet from a bull elk?

20 miles of no road: total reconstruction. We had to sit here for 30 minutes waiting
for the escort vehicle to bring Southbound traffic through before we could go North.
Nice place to stop, though. And I got a donation from the car behind me!

Elk on lawn across from the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.

Somewhere in this stretch was the Montana State Line. This being a National Park,
they evidently didn't feel the need to recognize the state line!


This could be a FedEx Ad!

Constantly changing scenery. Sandy said that Montana was her favorite part of the country.

Looks like a shower on the road ahead!

More changing scenery...

North Dakota

Unfortunately, it seemed that most of North Dakota was like this!

The most welcome sign of all!

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