Valparaiso IN
August 11-14, 2011

Thanks to Tom Little and Gino Burelli for inviting me to this fun event!

Friday, August 12

Departing Decatur. Yes, that's 4:55am: Anytime I have to go through Nashville, this is the only option to avoid hideous traffic delays!

Not too shabby @ 133k miles: how's this for mpg@avg speed for the 550 mile trip up?

Saturday August 13

Our setup for the weekend, right in front of the Indoor Vendors hall.

Panorama view from behind the table.

(THIS I wish I HADN'T seen!)

2 more people add their names to the underside of the hood for a
$25 donation to the American Cancer Society!

Jim During's Z06 in the Bowtie Collection.

I think I made Chris's day!

Sunday, August 14

Old friends Sarah & Bob Vodnik drove down from Oak Forest IL for a visit.
That's Bob on the left, behind the nearly completed "Shadow 5" AA fueler in
Kent Fuller's shop in Belmont CA in 1965. For more: see Old Drag Photos.
Great to see you guys again!!!

Monday August 15

Final stats back in Decatur after stop in Bowling Green KY & quick visit to the National Corvette Museum.

This was a great start at this show. We have already discussed improvements for next year, and will most likely be doing a 50/50, drawing the winner at the awards ceremony, right before they draw the winner of the Corvette Giveaway!