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Departure for MA after battling basement flooding overnight.

The forecast was rain, and Corvettes don't usually come out in the rain.
I didn't want to be one of the no-shows for this very special event
honoring our veterans.

I needn't have worried - look at the turnout at the Billerica Marriott staging area!
The rain actually stopped as we mingled and received our drivers instructions.

The police escorted procession moves out, as the rain returns.

Arrival at the Bedford Veterans Hospital, celebrating 80 years of service.

Final tally was 165 Corvettes that showed up in the rain
to honor those who gave so much for our country.

The color guard signaled the start of the ceremony.

Bill Balcom was awarded the Veterans Choice trophy.

As the ceremony ended, the rain, which held off the entire time we were there,
resumed in earnest. This was the way it looked all the way home - hurricane Kyle!

Back home, to a (thankfully) dry basement.

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