The Wagon Wheel Motel
Cuba MO
May 6, 2017

This is the first of the classic Route 66 motel icons that I had the pleasure of staying in.

My Corvette had company next door, the only time that this happened on my trip.
I never did see the owner.

See those folks a couple of doors down enjoying a few cocktails?
Two couples from England! They are also touring Historic Route 66 in its entirety, from Chicago to Santa Monica Pier, just like I am! Don't you love a small world? I sat with them for a drink or 2, getting acquainted. It seems they had actually seen my car @ the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, but never saw me because I was walking to MO and they didn't.

Time for dinner, right next door at Missouri Hick's.

Dinner at Missouri Hick's, including their own beer.

Lots of old farm tools, recycled.

When I checked the open air balcony, there were the Brits! They had just received
their meals, so I kept them company until well past dark with a beer or 2 while they ate.
I learned that their Rt 66 trip was celebrating the blue sweater lady's 60th birthday.
What a fun evening!

Checking out the next morning. Yes, these cabins still have real keys!