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2002 Monterey Trip Itinerary:


Wednesday, 8/07 - Burlington CO to Moab, UT
via Denver & Grand Jct, CO.

Wow, what a day! From Denver on, the scenery got spectacular. Denver may be a mile high, but it is actually lower than most of the surrounding area. All told, I took 660 digital pics today, plus about 90 minutes of video while cruising Arches National Park with the camcorder on the dash.

Off I-70, South to Moab UT

It was amazing how gutless the Vette felt at 11,000 feet!

Arches National Park was a real treat. I missed this part of the Tour in 1998 when I flew home for a month between mid-July and mid-August while Sandy had a friend, both of her sisters and our daughter each taking a spell with her. Our daughter was with her for the Utah scenic wonders, the first of which I finally got  to see today. If some of these images look familiar, think "Thelma & Louise" (near the end) or "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (the beginning).

"Delicate Arch" - featured on the Utah license plates.

Now 18 states, 3476 miles.

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