Arches National Park
#7 National Park/Monument for this trip
May 18, 2017

This was even more spectacular than I remembered from my 2002 visit!

"The Organ" dead ahead

First view of "The Gossips" and "The Sheep"

Gossips, Sheep & Organ

"The Organ"

"The Gossips"

"The Sheep"

Onward to "Delicate Arch"

Delicate Arch
Appears on the Utah license Plates

I actually climbed the trail to the Upper Viewpoint (outlined in black above)


Looking back

Back to the parking lot, I moved to another viewpoint from street level

The view from the Lower Viewpoint

Returning to the entrance and Visitors Center

"Balanced Rock"

That's actually "The Sheep" from the back.

Likewise, "The Gossips"

"Gossips" and "Sheep" in mirror

Back to the entrance

The Visitors Center from above

The Visitors Center

I had arrived here @ about 7:30 am - no traffic whatever. Good plan!
9:20 am exit - solid crawling line out to the main road, nearly 1/2 mile!
Don't worry folks, this will be well worth your wait!