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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

The Journey Begins

Day 1
Tuesday, May 2
Depart Decatur AL

The first leg was to Hebron IN, about 540 miles. 75 remained
to the Chicago kickoff point, and the room would be a lot
cheaper than staying in Chi-town.

Departing Decatur AL


About 3 hours later, as I was turning into the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY for a planned pit stop, I noticed that the turn signal was blinking double speed. That could only mean one thing - a blown bulb. I talked to David Smith, the head of prepping new Vettes for Museum Delivery. He showed me how to access the left front turn signal bulb through the wheel well, and directed me to the nearby AutoZone to get a replacement bulb. Thanks David!


The arrow points to the access panel hidden in the darkness of the wheel well. Mission complete in the AutoZone parking lot. Total time lost, less than 1 hour.

This would prove to be the ONLY repair needed for the entire trip!

From my room at the Super 8 in Hebron IN.
This first night on the road was actually FREE, thanks to my Wyndham Rewards points!


So far, 4 states: AL, TN, KY, IN.

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