Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 18
Friday, May 19

Holbrook AZ

Checking out from my Wigwam

Joseph City AZ

For hundreds of miles along Route 66 and I-40
yellow billboards with the black rabbit taunted travelers.
Here it is!

The Jackrabbit Trading Post

(I didn't go in...)

The road to Winslow

Winslow AZ

Standin' On The Corner

My daughter Christy, when we were here in 2014

Another tribute to Rocket Republic Brewery

Flagstaff AZ, on the way to The Grand Canyon, South Rim

Grand Canyon, South Rim entrance
#10 National Park/Monument for this trip

It took me 45 minutes of weaving around in the lot to finally get a parking space!

We're being watched...

Now who's being watched?

Looking back at the previous lookout point: MOBBED!

Close-up of above photo

Back to Flagstaff for the night

And back to Beaver Street Brewery (my daughter Christy & I were here in 2014)

End of Day 18

272 miles for the day

That's 3785.1 from Chicago start