Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 22
Tuesday, May 23

Kingman AZ

The road to Oatman

YouTube video of my drive up Oatman Hwy to and through Oatman
I recommend going to Full Screen View when you get into Oatman.  30:03

Oatman AZ
Primarily known for the wild burros that come in from the desert during
the day and roam the main street, begging for whatever they can get.,_Arizona

Onward to Needles CA

Needles CA
State #15 for this trip

I tried this...

...which ended here, so it was back into Needles.

And another detour!

Can I say it was warm?

Twentynine Palms CA

This was the highest temp observed on this trip

Barstow CA

Dinner & beer

And the award for the most illegible business sign ever goes to...
 Let me help: "Pit Stop Bar & Grille"

Had a great time talking with Jeff Mason!

End of Day 22

323 miles for the day

That's 5218.8 from Chicago start