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Great State of Maine Air Show
Brunswick Naval Air Station
Brunswick, Maine

Sept. 6&7 2008

Saturday, Sept. 6

Departure for the 20 minute drive to BNAS.

Entering the base, this doesn't really look like air show grade visibility,
but there in the mist are the Blue Angels!

Our space in the Community Expo, right in the front of Hangar 5.

Previously, non-military organizations were prohibited from soliciting donations.
This year we were permitted to do so.
We collected $118.00 for the American Cancer Society office
in Brunswick, less than 3 miles away.

These were about the first "aircraft" that flew today.

Some interesting and high-tech stuff at the RC modelers' table next to me:
This 1.2 cubic inch overhead valve engine, and this helicopter!

A bit later, this wing walker was able to perform.

Sunday, Sept. 7

I had to leave early Saturday because this B25 needed to park indoors overnight.

YES!!! Flying today! All these shots were taken from right at my table!

The Blue Angels

A fantastic show, as always for these guys!

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