The trip home from Highway Earth in Beverly Hills

June 29, 2014

OK, the fun is winding down. Time to head back East...

Departure time - 1:33 pm. "Arrival" on Garmin is ETA in Flagstaff AZ.

Lots of lava, Mojave Desert, a little East of Barstow CA!

Welcome back to Needles, CA. It was only 106 here on the way West yesterday!

I can see Arizona!

Thank you Arizona: back to 75 mph limit!

Monday, June 30

I spent the night at the Super 8 in Shawnee OK, about 25 mi. East of OKC.

Tuesday, July 1

Another milestone, in Eastern Arkansas.

About 1/2 hour later:

I know I'm back in Alabama now!


(Note: actual trip mileage is 4200.1 miles. The trip OD annoyingly resets at 2000 miles!)

Check the dust (and a few bugs) screened by the stretch bra!

And quite a few pine needles, from the Franklin Canyon parking space, still stuck to the paint.
(Obviously no rain on the way home.)