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NCRS Florida Chapter Winter Meet
Wonderful World of Corvettes
January 18-21, 2007
Old Town; Kissimmee FL

Thanks to Ed Augustine and the NCRS Florida Chapter for their
hospitality for this our 7th consecutive year, 8 times overall.

With the tremendous help of Richard Fleming and Lynnette Boyd
we were able to generate 
$1988.17 for the American Cancer Society,
and NCRS will match that with an additional 

This event is always a great way to start the year, and we made the
3410 mile round trip this year with NO WEATHER PROBLEMS!

Saturday, January 13

Leaving Maine. I don't need the laptop for navigation any more, since the C6 has
that built in, but through a connection to my new company BlackBerry I can be
on the internet for weather info, e-mail or whatever, while on the highway!

After a brief visit with my parents in Philadelphia, I went on to Carlisle for the first night.

Sunday, January 14

Leaving Carlisle.

Arrival in Kingsland, GA, about 3 miles above the FL border.

There I met Dick Borchers and his grandson Buddy (Anthony) for dinner at the
Cracker Barrel. They were on their way back to NJ from Florida. Dick is the guy
who transported my C6 from Maine to NJ, then from NJ to the
Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

Monday, January 15

This was just a short hop to Old Town and the Comfort Inn & Suites
in Kissimmee, site of the NCRS Winter Meet.

Tuesday, January 16

Day spent running errands, including washing the Vette.
Nighttime shot from the hotel parking lot.

Wednesday, January 17

This is what the vendor field looked like until late Wednesday: overflow parking
for a veterinarians convention! The NCRS FL folks normally would have had the
field all striped and labeled for vendor spaces over the previous weekend!

While cruising the field I spotted what appeared to be a C5 with retro 62 bodywork.

Thursday, January 18

Our setup, right inside the Vendor gate.

"Thunder and Lightning"

Two beautiful prints depicting great moments in Corvette racing history at Le Mans, matted in a single frame and donated by Richard Fleming: The C5R Corvettes in 2001 and the 1960 Corvette of John Fitch and Bob Grossman in 1960. The C5R print is signed by all 6 drivers and the artist; the 1960 is signed by John Fitch and the artist. This was to be sold in a live auction at the Awards Banquet Saturday night, with the entire amount going to the American Cancer Society.

Lynnette brought Bambi along.
That pink stroller behind the Vette is Bambi's transportation.

Richard tirelessly worked the crowd, selling 50/50 tickets,
selling his lithograph cards, pushing the silent auctions.

Richard also donated this unusual item: a Daiquiri Whacker! This is the ultimate tailgate party accessory - a gas powered blender! Yup, t-handle starter cord and handle bars with a twist-grip throttle! Richard had many opportunities to brush up on his German... and it paid off: Frank Hohl and friend in the black shirts (from Germany) decided they couldn't go home without that blender, for $175(US) to the American Cancer Society!

Friday, January 19

All's quiet first thing in the morning, before Richard, Lynnette, Bambi and the crowds arrive.
The yellow striped tent in right photo is Bair's Corvettes, one of our great sponsors.

Thanks to Richard & Lynnette, I could get out to do some networking with vendors
and to see some of the show action. Carl Zander judges a big-block Midyear.

An original owner 57 Fuely.

A gorgeous 63 with C6 Z06 running gear!

National Corvette Museum dinner at the Race Rock Cafe.
(The cutie mugging for the camera (center below) is Maddie, daughter
of Stephanie Morrill, the NCM Membership Services Manager.)

Saturday, January 20

Awards Banquet at the Radisson Resort.
As usual, Richard & Lynnette helped me sell more 50/50 tickets, as did Michael Leeds (center in center photo below), winner of our inaugural 50/50. After dinner we drew the winning ticket: John Paul Nelson from WA was the winner of half of the $1210 pot, with the other half designated for the American Cancer Society. We then auctioned the large, framed double print donated by Richard (seen behind Ed Augustine, below right). The winner was Jerry Rydell with a bid of $1000, which will also go to the American Cancer Society.

Sunday, January 21

Classic Corvettes of Orlando's
Wonderful World of Corvettes

Thanks again to CCO for inviting us to participate in their show.
We were set up right across from the stage.

Rolfe & Petra Gersch from Germany stopped by for a visit and to autograph my
banner. They haven't missed the NCRS FL Winter Meet in something like 28 years!

Monday, January 22

After carefully studying the weather forecasts & maps for the route home, I elected to wait until Monday morning to depart as there was a snowstorm going across VA & PA late Sunday and early Monday. Leaving Monday morning would allow the storm time to go by before I got there. I certainly didn't want any repeats of '04 (the Ice Storm) or '05 (the Blizzard).

Tuesday, January 23

After spending the night in Dublin, VA, I just kept going as long as the
weather permitted. Flurries in the Scranton PA area were the only hint of
trouble, and I made it all the way home, arriving in Wiscasset at 9:37 pm.

Note that Trip Odometer total for the trip is actually 3410.7 MI: It resets @ 2000 miles.

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