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Columbus Day Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, October 9
Springfield, VT

Departing Maine Saturday afternoon.

The view for most of the nearly 4 hour trip. Parts of NH experienced serious flooding!

Sunday morning we set up in the lobby of the Museum,
with the trusty '97 out in front of the Diner.

Museum & Diner owners Matt and Cindy Alldredge took a break to present
Corvettes Conquer Cancer with this BIG CHECK, their $5,000 annual sponsorship!

A recent addition to the display is this gorgeous 1960.
On the wall is this photo of the identical Vette featured in 1978's "Animal House".

The afternoon wrapped up with this live classic rock band.

Although it didn't actually rain most of the day, it was cold and threatening, which
kept the turnout low. Of course(!) the rain resumed as I was loading up the
car for the drive home, and continued for the entire trip.

Back home after what seemed like a VERY long trip!

Thank you Matt and Cindy for your tremendous support
for Corvettes Conquer Cancer as our primary sponsor!

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