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2002 Monterey Trip

Thursday, 8/08 - Moab UT to St. George, UT. Day of sightseeing:
Four Corners, Monument Valley & Bryce Canyon National Park.

Since I got to Utah in time to see Arches National Park yesterday, I decided to add Four Corners to today's itinerary. That was my first stop. Four Corners is what they call the place where the states of CO, NM, AZ & UT meet. Getting there required cutting back into CO. Actually it is on an Indian reservation, and the structure marking the spot is surrounded by Indian vendors.

Next was a FAST leg to Monument Valley. Emphasis on "FAST". Mostly 2 lane, through Indian reservations, with little traffic. For about 1/2 hour, I was able to comfortably maintain 105 or better. See below: note "speed" displayed on laptop screen.

Monument Valley
Navajo land, straddling the UT/AZ State line.

I am standing in UT looking into AZ. The car is on the line.

Without a doubt, this was the most spectacular scenery
I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, anywhere!

"The Mittens" I just love the way the vapor trails seem to point directly at the monuments! 

The 17 Mile Valley Drive:
"Light and low-clearance vehicles discouraged",
according to this sign - in 3 languages!

I knew I was in for an unusual drive when this was the first "conveyance" I passed! If you look closely at the photo above left, you can see this poor, scrawny creature right in the center. Yeah, that tiny dot next to the light colored car; blowup below.

This was a "road" much better suited to 4x4s than Corvettes: Very rough, deep sand, and stretches of washboard just like extended rumble strips. I rarely reached the 15mph limit

The end is in sight.


Next stop:
Bryce Canyon

The road into Bryce.

You have to get out of the car and look over the edge to see anything once in the park, but it is worth it!

The road to St. George, UT, for the night.

Dinner stop.

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