Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 5
Saturday, May 6

Troy, IL

Start from the Super 8

St. Louis MO
State #6 for this trip

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, Missouri side. By car this time.

The Gateway Arch
National Monument #2 for the trip

Access was a little awkward - the entrance road was under 5-6' of flood water!

Click photo for my Arch experience


Back on the road...

A couple of St. Louis Rt 66 landmarks

The Museum of Transportation
Museum #3 for my trip
One of the best I've ever seen!

Click photo to walk through it with me


Stanton MO

Self explanatory; didn't stop at either one.

Meramec Caverns: Closed because of major flooding!

The owner, there at the gate, told me that this was the second catastrophic flood in 15 months.
The last time there was 5' of water in his HQ; this time there was 8'!

Note picnic bench 6' up in tree!

And another!

Cuba MO

The Wagon Wheel Motel - a Route 66 icon!

Click photo for the fun details


End of Day 5

Trip Odometer would show about 711 if I had remembered to record it!
(I was having too much fun. Click Wagon Wheel photo above to find out why.)
Miles for the day would therefore be 202.