Classic Car Show
Franklin Canyon Park, Beverly Hills

Sunday, June 29, 2014

(that's 2132 miles since leaving home on Thursday 6/26)

By Burbank airport

One of the main reasons for picking this motel was because most of the 13 mile drive to
the show site in Franklin Canyon would be via the legendary Mulholland Drive!

(Click image below for more of the Mulholland run.)


Note: time stamp is Central time, so that's really 7:01.

We found it!

Evan spotted me!

After check-in, it was onward to find my spot. The Franklin Canyon Drive loops around the lake.

The club Roaming Gnome got his time in the CA sun, and a lift from a obliging Park Ranger.

OK, time to walk around to see what else is here.

At that moment a musical exhaust note spun me around, barely in time to catch this gorgeous Ferrari passing by!

A bunch more Vettes

Facel Vega and Delorean

4-door hardtop Facel Vega "Excellence"?

A VERY bright Morgan 3-wheeler!

This was a new one for me: A Ginetta!? Very nice!

Race ready Fiat X1-9

Citroen Mehari

Matching pair of Thunderbirds

Evan Klein's Alfa Romeo

Very interesting and beautifully detailed ZelectricBug!

Unique and nicely crafted "WOODN VW"

Citroën 2CV ("Deux Chevaux")

Don't see many of these: a Matra Simca

Nash Metropolitan

Renault 4CV

Off to the side...
Hard to believe this is in the middle of Beverly Hills!

Nice 55 Chevy

Classic 32 Ford 5-window

Artist at work!

Stunning 33 Ford 3-window!

Avanti II

Tatra T87 (1941?)

Spectacular 1930 Cadillac V-16

Hudson Italia - one of only 26!

Hudson Hornet


Steve McQueen's cars

1956 Jaguar XKSS

Steve's Porsche 930

Replica of the Mustang driven by Steve in "Bullitt"


Jaguar XK120

Very nice 36 Packard

1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, with an interesting history!

1951 Kaiser Traveler

Very odd color 40s Caddy

This must be the Porsche section...

Lotus Elise, hangin' with the Porsches

1954 Oldsmobile Rocket 88

1942 Oldsmobile B-44

The Volvo section

Sunbeam Tiger

The White Section, and what an odd mix!

Nice 34 Ford rod, supercharged big block Chev!

Citroen Traction Avant, unibody & front wheel drive, produced from 1934 into the mid 50s.

Oh, we've seen this Citroen 2CV before: it must have decided to cozy up to family!

More of the scenery off to the sides of the road the show cars were on, which loops around Franklin Canyon Lake.
It's still hard to grasp the fact that this is hidden in the middle of Beverly Hills! Some houses barely visible on hill tops.

Back to cars - nice early Camaro!

The winding road back toward the Corvette section and my car

The BIG CAR section

This Corvair Greenbriar was its own section

The Shelby Section

Back where we started, and it's still here.

These 2 photos were taken by another participant, Deb Pollack, and posted on the Highway Earth website. Thanks Deb!

These 2 were taken by none other than our host, Evan Klein! Thanks for a really different, really fun event, Evan!

Group photo. See if you can find me in it!

OK, the fun is winding down. Time to head back East...

Departure time - 1:33 pm. "Arrival" on Garmin is ETA in Flagstaff AZ.

Lots of lava, Mojave Desert, a little East of Barstow CA!
(click photo below for pics of the trip home)